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March 20, 2017

Life’s a party

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Night’s middle-aged
Her bosom sags 
But she was once pretty and
threw a party
Everyone came and played hard
Now she waits alone
For Dawn 
To pick her up and drive her home

I took the high road
Walking firm, certain; I couldn't care less
I caught the rickshaw to knowledge
The bus to work
The rare train to achievement
Once, a plane to success
I was good, happy and poor
I met Money and we hung out with Fame
I found love
We threw a party
Teenage Sloth came
Five year old Anger too
I drank and sang 
Out of tune- I could care less
I was fine, merry and rich
Radiant Doubt entered and loved me
Fame, she left miffed, I didn't care
I was high
Doubt and I are married with kids
The party’s going on 
I am great, bitter and done

June 20, 2011


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The holy man was on a fast unto death against corruption. Five thousand devotees looked on with respect and admiration as he sat in a meditation. They were resting after helping build a makeshift podium of dried scrap wood planks and wooden poles used for such temporary occasions. Cellphones were set to vibrate mode and they did so ceaselessly.

TV crews set up camp from day two. On day three, the gathering swelled dramatically. People streamed in from all directions to support the dying man. Politicians arrived on day four. Negotiations started with the baba’s representatives to achieve an acceptable compromise before the baba’s health started to fail. With a wave of his hand, the baba stopped the discussions. He demanded nothing less than a direct statement from the Prime Minister.

On day five, the entire nation was talking about it. Bookies started taking bets on how many days the God-man will last. Housewives set up shrines in their homes. Children started going on hunger strikes to get their favorite barbies and toy airplane assembling kits. Businesses had to deal with mass-sick leaves and otherwise empty long-distance trains were jammed with people heading to the fakir’s tent.

Elsewhere, on Day 7, another man died unknown. He too fasted against corruption.

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