My visions.. In my words.

June 20, 2011


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A drop rolled down the edge of the coffee mug and hung precariously for several seconds. Then it let go of its moorings and hurtled into the unknown. It landed amongst strangers who strangely allowed it to blend in with them without question or trial. How was it to know that the delicately woven fibers of the red Persian Carpet it had just met had been trod upon too often to care anymore.

Together they all looked up as a great shadow fell on them bringing twilight along with it. A human being was bent over rolling up the carpet. Almost instantly, pitch darkness engulfed them. The drop and its fibre friends felt being lifted and turned over and over. Then all was silent except for the occasional tremor as the van carrying the carpet went over a pothole.

Weeks of musty darkness later, a great, magnified eye found the drop and extracted into light. Was this the heaven everyone talked about? The drop wondered. Strangely, it looked like a glass test-tube her previous owner had handled in what was called “Chemistry” lab.

Without warning, the world around started to spin faster and faster. The last time it had felt like this, a Tornado had passed over a little town in Louisiana. Soon, it lost all consciousness. When it awoke again, it was still in the tube, but barely whole.

Just then, a human sounding voice gave a celebratory whoop of having met success and said, “The DNA samples matched. We’ve found the killer.”


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